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At Latte Training Academy, Inc., we believe that our training and certifications are intended to result in employment for our participants. Whether your starting your career or seeking advancement, our Employment Services partner your interest, talents and schedule with the needs of our clients. To apply, click here.

The Latte Training Academy, Inc. has access to a large pool of trained and certified US eligible employees. Our workforce pool consists of a base that spans a wide range of availability and skill sets. Through a partnership with LTA, employers are able to evaluate talent on a temporary basis, which in turn reduces attrition and operational disruption. To submit a request for services, click here.

The Latte Training Academy, Inc. now offers services which can place you into a job that fits your needs. We match your skills and schedule with employer demand. Our Temp-to-Hire service provides a solution to fill employment demands of CNMI businesses looking for flexibility required in today's business environment. Our sevices allows you and the employer to evaluate the perfect job-fit, often leading to an offer of permanent employment. To learn more about the program, please click on the relevant information below. 

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