The Latte Training Academy, Inc. believes that the backbone of a healthy economy is centered on a talented workforce and the introduction and support of small businesses. The organization has expanded its training services to support small and emerging business through its Enterprenuer Training (ET) program. The ET program is funded by a grant from the USDA and is intended to provide participants with on-line access to a series of training modules centered on preparing participants with the ability to enter the marketplace with the foundational skill sets required to effectively operate in the unique business climate of the CNMI. To register for the program and launch the first of the trianing modules, click here.

Here To MEET The Needs Of The CNMI 

The Latte Training Academy, Inc. has leveraged its partnerships within the CNMI to develop the Marianas Emerging Employment Training (MEET) program. This effort is focused on attacting new emerging industry to the CNMI through incentives exclusive to the CNMI and the provision of a variety of workforce and industry support services. The industry focus is in alignment with the CNMI's documented industry development priorities and have the full support of the CNMI's public and private sector leadership. To learn more about the program, click here


Economic Development: Promoting Entreprenuership